Tours Limited

Tours Limited
An Authorized Seller of Tickets for Educational Camps at Kennedy Space Center, Universal Orlando® Resort, Sea World Parks and Entertainment and Disney Parks


Tours Limited lays great emphasis on a well educated and informed workforce that can provide accurate and relevant information to both our Travel Agent Clients and to the traveling customers. Apart from taking class room courses, reviewing educational CDs, & researching sightseeing information, Tours Limited Associates actually visit various destinations in the Americas, to gain first hand knowledge of the Tourist Attractions & Sites, Hotel & Restauarant facilities, Transportation Requirements, and Travel Challenges (if any) etc. We strongly believe, that there is no substitute to actually experiencing the Tours we design and execute, before recommending them to our Clients. These "Familiarity or FAM Trips" are an important tool in training our Associates to be the best they can be. Hence, Clients can always expect accurate and timely answers to almost any question relating to our Tours.
A well educated workforce can design a better Tour, execute the Tour in a more efficient manner, and make the entire tour experience much more enjoyable for the traveling Customer. All Travel Professionals at Tours Limited take this requirement to heart, and leave no stone unturned to be on top of the "travel information mountain". The company encourages its Associates to travel far and wide to experience the Tours first hand, and to fine tune them from a Customers's viewpoint, maximising the quality, enjoymemt, and comfort level of the Tours.

In the picture above, part of the Tours Limited Family is in Orlando to experience the new Harry Potter Attraction at Universal. Our Associates were taken on a VIP tour to gain first hand knowledge about the product, both from a traveling customer's view point and from behind the scenes. The comprehensive knowledge gained makes these Associates better sales persons. These Associates can now sell the product with enthusiasm and conviction to our Travel Agent Clients, who in turn can sell the product with great confidnce to their traveling customers.

Tours Limited Associates do not make up stories to sell Tours, they actually tell the stories of the Tours from personal experience. That is the Tours limited difference and sets us apart from other companies..

"Tours Made Easy by Tours Limited" is our company slogan, and the "FAM Trips" are one major reason why our tours are easy to take and enjoy.